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Be ready for professional removal

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Be ready for a smooth removal

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Be ready for a smooth removal

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Make more space using storage services

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Be ready for professional removals

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Be ready for professional removals

What you need to know
when moving

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Even if you intend to do everything yourself, the reality is that at some point you will require some help, and if you don’t have friends, family or neighbours who are available (or willing) why not consider hiring the services of a professional service such as London Removlas. Protect your possessions (and your sanity) by bringing in the experts.

Choosing the best among the immense number of removals companies in London may seem like a daunting task but make sure you look for the one that meets your budget, offers excellent customer service and has the experience you need. We believe we offer all of that here at London Removlas, but don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials to see what other people have said.

Choosing the right removals company is the most important part of making a move successful removal. And here at London Removlas we have what it takes to make your move easy and stress-free: we offer some of the lowest prices around, and we have the best movers who are always ready to help our customers however they can. When you are moving you want expert help at reasonable prices, which is exactly what we offer.

If you are moving home in the UK, then you should plan the move well in advance, and London Removlas can help you with this. Your plan will require you to determine which are the most important tasks you have to do and when do you need to do them. Planning properly and well in advance will ensure you enjoy a stress-free and successful move.

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How to find the right
removal company?

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To find a reliable moving company to help you with your house removals, you might want to ask family and friends for recommendations. If they have hired a moving service before, ask which one. Ask about their experience with the company too. If you don’t know anyone who has hired movers, check out some local companies on the internet.

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Before selecting one to help you with your move you should talk to a few different moving companies about what they offer. Ask for tips about house removals a good company will be happy to provide you with several suggestions on anything from packing to what to do on moving day. They typically won’t mind offering advice and support on these issues and by talking to them you will be able to gauge which companies are the real experts and which seem most trustworthy. Remember that you will be entrusting almost everything you own to them so it is vital that you feel confident in their services. And don’t just rely on what they say, get feedback from others; check whether the company has ever had complaints from previous clients.

It is also important to ask for quotes from each of the companies on your list. When you do this, make sure that you have described clearly all the things that need to be moved. This will allow them to give you a more accurate quote. While the cheapest quote is usually not the best, you should pick the one that offers the best value for your money; you need to find the company that offers the right balance between price and service.

Recommendations and Researching

If you are still not sure about the recommendations from friends and family, you can also conduct your own research about our (and any other) London removal services by reading online reviews, visiting the company's website, asking for online quotations, and asking for any information you want from the company. This way, you can study the information made available to you and can make your own decision. Finding the best movers in the city of London doesn’t have to be hard it just takes a little research.

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Asking for Accurate and Final Quotation

Providing a free quotation to potential customers seems to be a standard rule among London movers. Whether you are looking for office movers or help with moving house getting the right quotation will be a crucial factor when making your decision. Find a moving company that can provide an accurate final quotation so you always know what charges you can expect. And take note, quotations are normally free of charge so be wary if companies ask you to pay for them.

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Communication Closes the Deal

Communication is vital for every transaction you do, not just in dealing with a London removal company. But it’s particularly important for removals as the company will be dealing with your possessions and if you’re not clear about what you want or need, you might not get it.

You will inevitably communicate with them about things such as scheduling, and coordinate the move. You wouldn't want your removal company to arrive a day before your moving day and you wouldn't want them to be absent on the day of the move itself. Good communication is also crucial on moving day; in the event of any unexpected circumstances occurring they can quickly be resolved. To make sure that everything goes to plan and to ensure the move goes according to schedule, both sides should always be reachable, especially as moving day draws near.

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photo of a london removals worker clearing out his schedule

Removals Companies at Your Service in London

There are a growing number of removal companies in the UK claiming they can provide everything their clients need. This is great if it’s true and customers planning to move into a new apartment, new house or a new office needn’t worry about anything. But sometimes the claims these companies make aren’t true and if something sounds too good to be true be sure to do some further investigation. Don’t take anybody’s word for it; always check the company out fully before deciding whether it is the right one for you.

Finding Good Movers and Making House Removals Easy

You might be wondering whether you can manage your move yourself and if you even need movers in London to help you out. Some people do choose to do it themselves, but trust us - it’s a lot easier to have someone to help. By hiring a removals company, you will have fewer things to do and a lot less to worry about, so start the search for the right company today.

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What Our Removals Company
Can Do for You

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The main thing our removal company will do is to take care of the transportation of your things. This may sound like the simple bit but believe us - to do it efficiently and safely it’s always best to get the professionals in to help. Our experienced team know everything there is to know about moving safely and speedily and depending on how much you need to shift we can send a whole army of movers. We can ensure everything will be done with efficiency because moving is out job and we do it every day. We know how to safely carry items and position them in the vehicle to maximise the space.

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We also offer packing services so whether you have big furniture or lots of little things we can help pack them in the most efficient and easy to find way. It's also a great option if you have fragile and delicate items among your belongings as we know how to pack them to ensure they stay safe. Whether you are too busy or simply don’t want to pack your things let us know and we’ll do it for you. And if you need to store some of your things while you get set up then you’re in luck because our removal company also has a great range of storage units to rent. Since we will be the one to bring your things to the storage it makes sense to book your storage with us too.

Anyone who has ever moved knows that everything is easier when you hire a good removal company. Just make sure you do hire a good one - the unprofessional ones will be late or careless with your things. We are always punctual and careful with everything we handle, and customer service is our top priority.

But that’s not the only reason
to book with us, we also offer:

  • 24/7 customer service

    Always ready and waiting
    to provide information

  • Reliable movers

    Professionals who know how
    to move your things safely

  • sturdy removal vans

    Excellent vehicles that won’t
    break down during a move

  • Affordable prices

    We make our services
    affordable for everybody

  • High quality of service

    Great service and value for
    money is what we offer

  • Storage services

    Need somewhere to store items?
    We have you covered.

  • Packing services

    No time to pack? No problem
    let us do it.

  • 100% customer satisfaction

    Every time for every customer.

the best local removals service

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If you want to be provided with everything that you need when you decide to move in a new house, or office why not consider hiring our London house and office removals. With the intense competition and number of office removals companies out there, you might be wondering what makes us the best, but with our extensive list of benefits it’s easy to see why.

The best London house removals services offer a highly professional service which should always include a wide-range of removal services in addition to the transportation process itself. Additional services such as customer relations, packing, provision of packing materials, storage options and help with unloading and unpacking are just some of the services we offer in our removals package, as well as friendly movers who know their jobs inside out.

If you are looking for the best London house removals service you should also consider the prices being offered. The price may serve as the deciding factor for many customers, so the most affordable yet reliable London office removals company will give you a quote you can trust, ensuring you have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about nasty surprise fees. Location is also an important factor and the best London removal company for you may be the one that is nearest you for optimum convenience. Finding the right balance between these factors is vital as even if you get the cheapest package from the farthest company, the distance will inflate the price so you’ll still end up paying more.

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illustration of the removal process

The best movers should give their clients a range of options, for example whether to use a truck, full-size van, or other moving vehicles for removals in London. The best removals companies also offer insurance covering any potential damage to an item – the customers should always be fully covered. Depending on the level of cover, insurance may cost a bit more, but it is worth the extra peace of mind, just in case an accident takes place. It’s simply not worth the risk of losing everything. Every good mover will take their job seriously and will make sure to prevent any unwanted events but having insurance is an added layer of security just in case.

All of the issues discussed above are things we pride ourselves on here. We will make sure that every move you make with us is carried out in the most professional way. We offer a variety of services that will make moving easier completely hassle-free. With us there is no danger of anything getting damaged, going missing, or anything going wrong. We take full responsibility for your move, and we will show you what reliability looks like. Come to us and experience a true quality during your move. You won’t find better movers than us!

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areas we cover

  • north london
  • east london
  • south east london
  • south west london
  • west london
  • central london
  • Outside london

North London

Sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous – it can bring an element of surprise and a feeling of joy to many situations. But being spontaneous is not always a great idea, especially when a lot of details need to fall into place and work together. Take, for example, a home or office move. You won’t move from one flat to another or to a new house or a new office space on a whim, do you? So don’t go about the removal process without some forethought either. When moving, it is important to...

East London

The outer edges of East London are also on the affordable end of the scale in terms of housing. Newham, Plaistow, East Ham, Stratford, and Manor Park are the larger towns or centres in this part of London. The commute to the city centre is, of course, quite a bit longer than for people living closer to inner London. Moreover, there are fewer Tube stations and rail stations, making commuting a bit more difficult as well.

South East London

And we can help. We will not only help you formulate a strategy for your home or office removal South East London, but we can help you implement it efficiently and affordably as well. Hiring London Removals to complete a removal assessment is a solid first step toward a successful removal. A removal assessment is just one of our great South East London removal services, but one of the most valuable. For this service, one of our expert moving professionals will come to your home to help you...

South West London

We also cover everything in between. Sometimes you’ll find that businesses find success after becoming extremely specialised. This is the case if the company produces one particular product or works in a very narrow niche market. However, when it comes to removal services South West London, narrow is not what you are looking for. You want a moving company that can be of use to you, not one that can only do one thing. You want a moving company that you can count on from start to finish, from...

West London

Whether you have chosen to do a self-move or hire a West London removal company, there are ways to make it easier on yourself. London Removals is the best way to make it easier, even if you aren’t going in for a full removal service. You can hire us to help with the packing, the transport, or just the storage for your home or office move and still have a budget removal that you do largely on your own. Or you can have us help you with the planning stage by hiring us for a removal assessment,...

Central London

No two moving plans are identical. This is obviously because no two home are identical. We each have a different set of belongings and different furnishings, and when people move, they don’t always take everything with them. In fact, leaving some things behind – or, more literally, leaving them at the dump, the recycling centre, the charity shop or the carboot sale – is one of the best ways to save money and stress during a home or office removal. If you start your moving plan well in...

Outside London

Convenient And Reliable Removal Services Outside London Having the right movers on your side is the key to a successful move. We are a removals company with many years of experience in London. If there is one candidate likely to offer the best help for such a task it is [COMPANY NAME]. We have developed the best solutions when it comes to both small scale man and van moves, and full house removals. You can rely on us for heavy furniture removals as well as packing services. We know how to...



Knew as soon as I called up that Removal Service was the right moving company for me. The person I spoke to was so friendly and helpful, she explained everything very clearly and went above and beyond to get me a good deal. The booking agent I spoke to told me about all of the current and upcoming offers so I could make sure I'd get the best deal by booking at the right time. Not every day you get service like that.

Jamal Tuppi view all testimonials

I needed help with moving furniture that is why I turned to Removal Company. They delivered my furnishings to my new home in one piece. The price was great. Great value for money overall!

K. Tovey view all testimonials

The guys from Mover made my move so easy! This is my first time moving house and I didn't know where to start from. Luckily my mom suggested this company and we hired them to help me move out last weekend. They handled everything from the packing to the lifting and unloading and did a tremendous job. I honestly don't know what I would've done without their cost-effective help. Thank you so much!

Heather view all testimonials

We have used LondonRemovals only once, but that experience was enough to demonstrate to us that they're the only moving company we will ever need. They moved over 50 bulky storage boxes to our storage space like it was nothing! They very kindly gave us a priority reservation so we could get first dibs on a moving man and van to retrieve them whenever we wanted! We rated their attitudes and approach - everything was ‘no problem' and they ensured they didn't get in our way. We're still boring our mates about it a fortnight on!

Toby Jamieson view all testimonials

Last minute bookings are often a recipe for disaster, but LondonRemovals rose to the challenge and then some! I got shafted at the eleventh hour by a moving firm, and needed help desperately. Luckily I found LondonRemovals and the rest, as they say, is history! Was delighted to be served by such a friendly, professional company, and I daresay I'll be using them again if I'm in need of moving services. In the meantime, I urge anyone reading this to consider using the firm if they require professional movers. Top marks!

Bernard O'Mahoney view all testimonials

I didn't want to move house using my car because it's only small and I was worried it was going to take all day. I didn't think I'd be able to find an affordable removal company that I could trust, but LondonRemovals shattered my expectation with their fantastically professional and purse-friendly removal service! I hired a removal van that was just perfect for what I needed. I had staff assess my needs to ensure I got the ideal van and that's just what I got. The customer service was excellent, the staff were friendly and the prices were in my budget - what more could you ask for?

Jamie K. view all testimonials

I was looking forward to moving into my brand new bungalow that was new and just built. I wasn't however relishing the thought of the packing and moving it all. I had a lot of belongings to move and didn't know where to start. My son however, suggested I call a firm he had used before and was pleased with. LondonRemovals were the best, from making an appointment, sorting a quote, and arranging dates for the packing to be done, then the delivery it just went completely to plan. It literally took the hassle out of it and now I am enjoying being in my new home.

Mary Lippy view all testimonials

There should no longer be any question of where to go when you're moving house, and I shall certainly not have to worry ever again. After having a few bad moves in the past, I was determined to do this one right, and after one phone call to LondonRemovals, I knew how I was going to get this done. Their help was all I needed to make sure that moving home was, apparently, the easiest thing in the world. Really impressed by their professionalism, their prices and their ability to make what might have been a tough move easy.

Ruby Scott view all testimonials

If you're looking for the best help with removals (and who isn't?), I'd like to suggest LondonRemovals as being the best option out there. I was recently faced with having to find a solution on short notice and in rather desperate attempts to solve my problem I must have contacted every company out there. They were the only ones who provided me with what I needed at a reasonable price, and not only that, but from the very first moment I knew I was dealing with professionals, which made a really big difference and made me feel really relaxed throughout the process.

Todd Kelly view all testimonials

I was unsure of moving home, knowing as I do that I have a great number of very precious possessions which I'm not sure I could stand to throw away. With that in mind, a family member sent me the contact details for LondonRemovals, and they were there to make sure that everything was moved properly and efficiently, and that everything I owned was kept incredibly safe throughout. There's only so much you can do with removals, I thought, but that was until I'd experienced their truly excellent service. Would have no hesitation in hiring them every single time I had to move.

Debra Evans view all testimonials
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