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Unsurpassed Removal Services for WC2

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If you are looking for a company to help you complete your moving process then look no further than London Removals. We are the most experienced and affordable removal company in WC2 and therefore there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t call us. If you call us in advance, on 020 8811 8918 then you can ensure that you will have our services on the exact day you need us. If you wait too long you might have to hire a van yourself and end up lugging all the furniture from house to another, by yourself. With our help, your moving day will go so smoothly that you will wonder why you ever thought twice about it. We promise to deliver all of your possessions to your new home in the exact same state as they left your old house. We know how important it is to have a smooth transition from one house to another, it is difficult enough without having to deal with broken mirrors, scratched tables or torn sofas. If you do want a stress free moving experience then we are the company you need to call.

The WC postcode is also known as the Western Central district of London within the Borough of Camden. However, the WC2 postcode is diffused into six further postcodes that may reside in Westminster. The areas subsumed in the WC2 area are: Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Drury Lane, Aldwych, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charing Cross and more.

Leicester Square is a pedestrianized area in the West End of London and is named after Robery Sidney the second Early of Leicester. The main features of the square are its gardens, the entertainment available and the fair that is regularly hosted each winter. In the centre of the quare is a small park with a statue of William Shakespeare surrounded by dolphins. Each gate, there are four of them, in the corners of the park have busts of pioneering Britons such as Isaac Newton and John Hunter. Entertainment wise, Leicester Square is London’s land of entertainment. It is the prime location for cinematic premieres and can be seen on news channels and the front of magazines everywhere as the place where stars walk down the red carpet.

Covent Garden is another district in the West End of London and its associated with the former fruit and vegetable market in the central square, which is now a popular tourist site. It also boasts the Royal Opera House. Covent Garden has also been long associated with entertainment, shopping and culture in general. It has thirteen theatres and over sixty pubs and pars. It has a number of theatrical connections via George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion and it also appears in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Frenzy.

SO if you live in WC2 just pick up the phone and call 020 8811 8918 for the top removals company in the area
. Remember, the earlier you call the better chance you have of securing our unsurpassable services. We will take all the heavy lifting off your hands and make sure your possessions are stacked safely and securely in the vehicle before setting off for your new home. We are here to help you have a moving of houses that has absolutely no negative issues attached to it whatsoever.  Click the links given to reserve a parking spot for our vehicles depending if you live in Camden, Westminster or City of London.

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