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Unbeatable Removal Services in the E1 Postal Area

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Over the years there has been a countless number of people that have made the mistake of not hiring a removals company to assist them with their transition from one home to another. They have ended up screaming at themselves in anger because they missed the chance to make the day a million times easier. If you do it by yourself, or with friends and family, you take upon yourself the banal and monotonous tasks of heavy lifting an intimidating amount of furniture whilst also trying to account for all the separate parts to the things you have taken apart. Not only that, but usually movers have fairly siginificant damage to their possessions by the end of the move because they find it so difficult to stack things properly in the vehicle they use to transport every thing to the new home. If you call London Removals, with plenty of time to spare, before your move then all of this nonsense is negated in one fell swoop. Our staff have a deep well of experience that you can call upon in order to have your moving day go without a hitch. We will ensure than your furniture, and all your worldly goods, are stacked and transferred in the utmost security and safety in order for them to remain in perfect condition.

The E postcode area refers to the Eastern postal district of London, it also covers parts of Sewardstone in Essex. E1 has a particularly diverse coverage as it is made up of: Aldgate, Bishopgate, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Stepney, Mile End, Portsoken and Brick Lane.

Whitechapel is a district within East London in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. Its location is roughly 3 miles east of Charing Cross and is bounded by Fashion Street on the north and Brady Street on the east. The area is most famous as the locale for the infamous Jack the Ripper murders in the late 1880s. The centre of Whitechapel is the high street that goes by the same name and it also boasts the new Royal London Hospital building. The distinctive tiled frontage to Whitechapel’s famous art gallery is also a must see in the area as well as the Whitechapel Street Market which has a plethora of goods on sale.

Shoreditch is located in the London Borough of Hackney in central London. However it was previously a suburb of the City of London with Shoreditch Church as its epicentre. The very first playhouse in England, constructed by James Burbage, was built in Shoreditch and some of Shakespeare’s plays were performed there. The reason for Shoreditch’s appeal for the placement of theatres was because it was outside the jurisdiction of the city and therefore its rather conservative leaders. It has had many notable residents throughout history such as Richard Burbage the legendary stage actor and Barbara Windsor the comedienne.

For the occupants of the E1  postal area, then, the decision should be simple. Do you want to spend a day  toiling away under the weight of countless chairs, wardrobes and beds only to do the same thing at the other end; or do you want us to do it for you?. If you choose the latter option then you should call 020 8811 8918 and arrange for a date and time on which we can work together to complete your move swiftly and issue-free.  Click here if you wish to reserve a parking spot for our vehicle: here for Tower Hamlets; here for Hackney; and here for City of London.

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