3 Ways to Reduce the Stress of the Move Moving can be stressful because there are many things to accomplish. People are overwhelmed especially with the time constraint usually involved with the move. Because of this you should start organizing right away. You should plan the move starting with a to-do list. You should plan everything from the packing to the notification of change of address to family, friends and agencies you transact with. For instance, you should inform credit card companies and banks so you will get your bills on time. You should also inform utility companies and subscriptions as well. You should make sure that utilities are ready in your new home too.
Packing should be well organized as well. You should sort the things between the excess items and the things that you would still need. Then buy packing materials according to the number of items you need to pack. You must discard the things you no longer need. Pack the things you need least first and pack the essentials last. Don't forget to label the boxes. While this requires extra effort this would surely make unpacking easier and faster. You will know where each box must go and you will also find specific items easier.
When you have to do major packing or unpacking, you can have the smaller children play with the neighbors or with the babysitter. This would not only keep the children occupied but safer as well. You would be able to accomplish the tasks at hand faster and resume your life back again.