A Checklist to Guide you in Moving Out of Your Apartment If you are leaving your apartment soon, you have to start preparing for it. Moving out can be really stressful so you have to plan it ahead. Two months before you leave, you can write your landlord a letter informing him of your move. You can send it to him 30 or 60 days before the move depending on your contract. One month before your move, you have to make certain arrangements like a change of address. Notify the post office about your move and leave them your new address. You should also contact all your utility companies like your provider for cable, phone, and electricity and tell them when they can disconnect their services. You can also inform of them of your new place so they can start reconnecting every thing that you need.
During the actual week of your move, make it a point to leave a clean and neat apartment unit. Make it look the way it is when you first saw it and made your move. All the rooms, like the bedroom, kitchen area, and the bathroom should be in their ideal condition. You should also leave the carpet, the floor and the walls clean.