A DIY Guide to Packing
If you will be moving soon, you may want to do your own packing in order to save on resources. Doing it by yourself can save you a significant amount of money and a sense of self-fulfillment. Also, you need to remember that time and effort are the two things that will make you succeed in this endeavor.
To begin, you need to have the right packing supplies. These are easy to buy in your local moving company. You can even buy a moving kit that already has everything you need if you do not know where to start. Second, you must carefully and thoroughly wrap your items to keep them safe and clean. Roll up breakables in several sheets of unprinted paper to serve as padding during transport. Third, have the bigger items packed by the pros - don't waste time attempting this because they will do the dismantling and assembling for you.
And finally, when you pack make sure that you start with the items you use the least. Save the frequently used items for last because you will be needing it till that time. Come moving day, everything must be properly labeled. This is a great way to save money when you do it right.