A Moving Day with the Pets Pets are probably the most neglected living things in the house - besides plants - when a move is in the works. But if you don't take proper care of your pets during a move, then you can run into some problems with your pets.   For one, many pets are territorial. Many don't like being taken away from familiar spaces, so you need to take steps to enable them to warm up to the new place little by little. For one, you can take your dog, for example, to a new place you are eyeing or have bought but haven't moved into yet. This way, you don't just thrust your pet from one environment to another one all of a sudden.   Another tip is to have pet food handy throughout the trip. Especially if your pets will need to be put in storage, it is a must that they have more than enough food and water supply to last the trip. If they are with you, then they will also need to be fed, and it would be tedious and impractical to stir up your things every time you need pet food or hope to get lucky and pass a store that sells the pet food you need.