Advice on Moving to France
Regardless of your reasons for moving to France, what is for certain is that this country is a culturally and historically rich place to move to. However, moving to France can be stressful and problematic when pertinent things are not taken care of. To make your transfer to France easy and smooth, here are some useful advices.
When planning of moving to France, it is important to relinquish your residency status in your country and establish your residency in France. Familiarise all the needed formalities concerning changing of residency, particularly those involving taxation, in order to avoid heavy fines. You will also need a long-term visa in order to acquire a residency permit once you arrive in France.   
Remember to contact the utilities company in your old country before you move to France to have your connections cut. Pay all the disconnection fee and whatever fees they require.
Since you are moving to a new country, be very meticulous in the packing of your things. Discard personal possessions that no longer have any value for you. It is also suggested to have a garage sale so you can dispose some of your stuff that you no longer need but at the same time you get to earn in return. Remember, the heavier your stuff is, the more expensive the transportation costs. Hire a removal company if you plan to transport a lot of your belongings to France. When moving to another country like France, a removal company will make life easier for you.
Retrieve copies of your medical and dental records from your doctor and dentist. This may be useful since you will need a new doctor and dentist, who should be aware of your medical and dental history respectively.
By following these tips, moving to France will be hassle-free.