Avoid Stress in Unpacking After Moving Once you have everything into your new home, it could be overwhelming to look at all of the boxes. Here are a few of the tips to avoid being stressed from all the boxes scattered all over the place:   * Label all of the Boxes   See to it that each box is labelled with what room it belongs, and what is it inside. By this manner you won't have to go through every box, looking for something you badly need by the time you arrive at your new home.   * Allow Children to Cooperate   Allow your older children to unpack items in their own bedrooms. Other than they will love the excitement of doing it, this lessens the number of boxes you are required to do.   * Make a list of priorities   Make yourself a list of priorities for you to follow. For instance, you will want to get all of the bathroom things out so that everyone in the family can brush their teeth and shower. You will want to get all the kitchen items out so that your family can already eat or use the kitchen.   * Save Picture Frames and Other Items   You can start saving photos or other items that are not essential. These items can delay your unpacking and secure where they should be placed. But they are not required pieces of what you need in any room in your new home. By allowing these items to remain in the boxes for a little longer gives you more time to unpack the items that you really need.   The key to avoid stress in unpacking is to give your self time to do it. The tips above are very helpful for you.