Basic Helpful Tips on Packing
One of the tasks that most people dread when moving is packing. But the trick really on planning, and using the right packing materials and techniques. Planning is quite important so you will have enough packing materials before you start. You also need to discard extra items so you won't have to pack them and haul them to your new home when you don't even need anymore. This would only waste your time, energy and money.
Using boxes is pretty common. But you have to get the right boxes for every item. For instance, plates and other dishes need to be in dish moving boxes. There's another type of box for glasses and stems. Your wine collection can be packed in special boxes too. You can also pack clothes in wardrobe boxes is you don't want to remove them from their hangers. But you don't mind stashing everything in one container you can use bags for your clothes too. Linens and soft toys can go in bags as well.
Don't forget to label bags and boxes. This is important so you and the movers will know where each bag or box should go. This will make unpacking and finding specific things easier as well.
In order to save on boxes and van space, always maximize the use of space. When packing, start with the bigger items and fill empty spaces with smaller and more flexible items. By minimizing the number of boxes, you also minimize the space needed in the vehicle. In the end, you protect your things well and you save money as well.