Choosing the Best Time for A RemovalThe time of a move is often not up to us - due to a business relocation or a new job, we often need to plan a move quickly and as soon as possible. However, if you happen to be moving because you have chosen to, you can also pick the right time for the move. There are a few factors that you need to consider in terms of time.

Choosing the right time for relocation is not an easy task. Most people say that when it comes to being prepared in every meaning of the word, the time and the timing is never perfect. So how does one pick the time of the removal? Specialists would suggest you to move in spring or late autumn. These two periods are when it is easier to find a removals company that is free for your removal and won't charge you as much as they would in the peak season (May -August). Moreover, keep in mind that the removals rates at the weekends are higher than those during the week - this applies for both renting a moving truck and hiring a removals company's services. The times that you should avoid moving are the first weekends of every month and the summer, when everyone is moving. Nevertheless, there are other considerations many people need to keep in mind - work, children, spouse, school, etc. All of these make choosing the date quite difficult. So what do you need to keep in mind before you pick the removals date?

The School Calendar
Moving with children isn't easy, especially if you have teenagers. They tend to get really emotional about leaving their school, friends and the life they are used to. The key to managing in this situation is to allow enough time for them to say goodbye to their friends, pack their belongings and have enough time to get to know the new neighborhood before they start the new school year. If they have a few weeks at the new location to adapt to the home, the area and the people, it will be much easier to them to find friends and adjust in school. A home relocation is a big change for everyone, but it can be especially harmful to children so make sure you don't underestimate this. Once you settle in, spend a few days getting to know the place and take your children to see things - their school, local department stores, malls and the cinema. This will make the process less stressful for them and you.

Holidays and Events
If it is possible, avoid planning a move before big holidays (Christmas, Easter, National Day). After all, a holiday means spending time with family and friends, not asking them to pack and help. If you are going to need their help, don't ruin their celebrations just because that is the most convenient time for the move. Moreover, if you manage to settle in the new place a few weeks before a big holiday you can use the opportunity to meet new people and feel the holiday spirit in the area. This will also ensure that you have time to prepare the house for the holiday, shop for gifts and do all the necessary things.
Seasonal Considerations
Summer is indeed a more expensive time for a move, but it's also one of the easiest: you can get a holiday more easily, your children are out of school and the weather is better. However, it is harder to hire a good removals company for a summer date, so you need to think about that at least 4 months earlier.