Choosing the Perfect Conveyancing QuoteConveyancing can be a very tough job. Unless you want to deal with legal terms, paperwork and real estate laws, it's best to hire a solicitor or conveyancer to help you complete the process of buying or selling property. Sometimes, though, the cheapest solicitor is not always the best. Here are some tips to help you choose the best conveyancing quote.   * Remember that there are always two parts to a conveyor's quote: the basic fee and the disbursements. Quotes vary per solicitor. Avoid hourly rates as much as possible and choose a fixed rate instead.   * Watch out for conveyors who list a lot of disbursements. These are the added fees or costs that he spends on making conveying transactions. Some even invent additional fees to earn more.   * Go for quotes that have itemised disbursements. Be wary of anything that says "miscellaneous fees."   * Always ask for the details or the services that are included in quotations.   * Read the small font in the quotations and check for any hidden fees.   * Always calculate the basic fees plus additional fees or disbursement fees when comparing quotes.   Don't be fooled by low basic quotes from solicitors. Once you add up additional fees, these quotes might even cost more than you expect. Always read through each quote carefully and watch out for disbursement fees.