Choosing the Perfect Roof for the Home When you think about having your dream house, you usually think about the interior designs and the furniture pieces that will be placed inside it.  More often, the external part most especially the roof is taken for granted as this is very seldom being given the right amount of notice and attention.   People who know real art in building a house should know that the roof style creates a greater impact in the overall aesthetical design of the house.  Therefore, it is substantial and immediate that roof must be chosen very carefully. Below are some of the roof types that you might want to consider:   If you have a contemporary house and you are tight in budget then the gambrel hip type of roof may be the best and the most perfect for the home.  The gambrel hip type of a roof is very economical and affordable.  In fact, many of the modern houses that are built today are using this basic type of roofing.  If you are thinking about how you can make this basic style of roof into a more stylish and chic look, then you can just add up something on it by choosing a more stylish color for the roof and getting more revolutionizing in terms of designs.    These are just some of the things that you may want to consider when thinking about how you can perfectly roof the house.