Cleaning Up Before Moving Out
One of the things every polite and good tenant - or even homeowner - should do before completely moving out is to make sure that the place he or she is going to vacate is clean.
In the case of tenants especially, not cleaning out before you leave can result in you not being able to receive your initial deposit, and you may even be liable to be charged with additional bills for any cleaning or repairs your old landlord might charge you with, which you will be obligated to pay.
One of the things you can do to avoid this - besides the obvious of course - is to get a copy of the inspection done before you moved in. This way, you know the condition of the house or apartment when you first arrived, thus informing you of any repairs you should do to restore the premises to its former glory. It would also help if you made visual records of your place before you moved in so you have a visual reference so that you know exactly how to leave the place.
Make sure that all the rooms are cleaned thoroughly and inspect every nook and cranny to make sure that you did not miss a spot.