Contemplating effectively on whether to Move out or not!
When you are offered a job that will require you and your family to be relocated, do you instantly give it a nod or do you usually think about it a thousand times first before saying yes to the manager?  The latter is probably the safest and wisest move. 
Before engaging in a relocation due to a better job opportunity it is a must that all the pros and cons are weighed effectively so that you eventually come up living a life in the other place not full of regrets and whining. 
Firstly, if you are offered a job that potentially gives you better opportunities, then it is a must that a background check is done on the company where you are transferring.  You must know whether it has an established profile and that it does not easily being shaken by simple economic downturns.
Secondly, check on the reputation of the company in terms of salary, perks, and personnel attrition. These are some of the things that must be very positive in a company.  If one of these is seemingly taking the other turn, then it is an indication that moving to that company may be a bit risky and dangerous - professionally!
Relocating because of a new job is a thing that requires deep thinking and weighing. It a must-thing to do and should be observed all the time.