Dealing with moving stress: four waysWe all know about the hardships of moving. Whether you're moving at a difficult time or not, there's still plenty to resent about this process; Having to leave behind your old life to start one is tough, daunting and could be down right inconvenient to you or another member of your family. It doesn't have to be this way, however. Here are four ways you can make the stress of moving less of a problem;Take time to declutter beforehandDo this a week before, or even further in advance if necessary. You don't want to be taking too much stuff with you. Things that haven't been used for months or even years that aren't seasonal items should be the ones to go first. You should throw them away if they're in bad nick or just rubbish in general, otherwise you'll want to donate them to charity, or sell them to cover your expenses. By doing this, you can either have that 'good deed' feeling, or a little extra cash that could help you, even if it's to fund a day out after the move. Not only that, you'll be making less work for yourself. Less things to pack, less things to transport, and less things to unpack and re-arrange. Having a clear out just makes sense in too many ways to overlook.Plan your move properlyWhen moving day is closer on the horizon, you should start planning. There's a few different things that you can do to make sure nothing gets left behind and your journey goes as smooth as possible, such as;- Make sure you've got enough supplies. Enough boxes for all of the things you're taking, and enough materials to seal them up and keep them safe.- Label every box by room, so you know where everything should go.- Make a list of all of the important things to take with you, and check them off as you pack them away and load their box onto the van. This isn't just limited to possessions, make a note of documents you may need, too.- If you're moving things using your own transport methods, plan your route out. Whether you use google maps to plan your route out, satellite navigation, or the trusty road atlas, it's a good idea to have instructions so you don't get lost.Don't overstretch yourselfWhen packing, don't overwork. By overworking, you're just causing more stress not only to your mind, but also to your body. You can get help from many places, such as your family and neighbours. The kids can help pack away their own bedrooms for example, and if you've got friends in your tightly knit neighbourhood, there's no reason why they shouldn't lend their assistance.Tie up all of the loose ends before you leaveYes, we know, leaving your friends and workmates behind is hard. Take time to say your goodbyes, if you feel it'll put your mind at greater ease. Visit your regular spots too, if you're attached to the town you're moving away from, it's best to sort out these feelings rather than keep them bottled inside. Of course, there's no real end to friendships these days, thanks to social media. If you make sure you're friends with as many of your local pals as possible, you'll always be in touch.These are just four of the many things you can do to keep moving stress at bay. Of course, moving is always going to be problematic, there's no quick fix to homesick and feelings of yearning for your old life – to deal with that you've just got to accept it. Try looking on the bright side – there's bound to be some good to this move. You'll be starting a new life with new possiblities, and that's always something to look forward to.