Designating an Employee to Oversee the MoveWhilst you always want the move to be a joint effort between employees, it is better if you designate an employee who will oversee the move. Make sure that the employee is responsible enough to take on the task. Additionally, it will be best if you choose someone who can ably lead the entire team.   Usually, the entire moving task is planned at different levels. For the first few months before the move, the business moving checklist should already be created. Make sure that excess files are disposed of as well.   Your employees and their moving tasks   If your office has more than 25 employees, you should entrust the move to a team. The team may comprise of a space planner or an architect, a project manager for the move and a general contractor. These people work hand-in-hand to make the move more effortless.   Of course, everyone in the team should take up his own task. Each employee should take charge of packing his belongings and labelling them. This is the only way to make the move easier for large organisations.   Designating an employee to oversee smaller business moves   In instances where there are only a few employees in the workplace, it is best to assign an individual who will take charge of the move. He will then be called the point person.   The point person can handle about 20 to 25 employees. Often you may designate your operations officer or the office manager to handle the task. That person should take charge of planning the move. Therefore, he should be able to devote some time for the process.   The point person is designated in order to see to it that the move can be disposed of properly. He will also make sure that every individual within the company has his own role to play.