Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Boxes
So, you've reached your new home and you're done with packing, moving and unpacking. Now, you are stuck with dozens of moving boxes that are piled up in the corner. Even if you flatten boxes they still seem to take too much space. No matter what you do, don't throw them away. There are many options better than throwing your boxes in the landfill.
Sell them. There are companies such as Eco Box that will be happy to take those unwanted boxes off your hands. Eco Box can even provide pick-up service if you have a lot of boxes. They can either pay a few cents per box or match it penny for penny and donate it to charities. Save the environment and earn money at the same time.
Offer them to box seekers. You can list your moving boxes in your local newspaper's ‘want ad' or make a free advertisement online to target your area. Moving boxes are expensive and sturdy. Somebody will always be seeking for moving boxes just like what you did a few weeks ago.
If all else fails, bring them to recycling centers. If you find boxes that cannot be reused anymore, you can bring them to recycling centers. Many communities have recycling centers so don't forget to check your waste management office to find out the procedure in recycling boxes.
Keep in mind that someone somewhere may need your unwanted moving boxes. So, reuse and recycle to earn money, help a friend and keep the landfills clean.