Effective Checklist:  Your Guide to a Better Moving Out
Moving out needs perfect and efficient planning in order for it to be smooth flowing, less stressing, and at a certain extent fun and memorable for the entire family.   There are so many ways that you can actually do and follow but the most deemed effective is having an effective checklist.  Here are the times when a checklist is going to be perfectly needed:
a.       Weeks before the move out make sure that the calendar is filled in with all the activities that need to be done.  Filling the calendar with everyday "must-do" things shall help you keep on track and not at a lost.  This would also enable you to ensure that you do not have idle time. 
b.      On the actual day of moving out, it is suggested that a concrete, finalized, and accurate list of all things that need to be moved out is created. The checklist will include all the things that are placed inside the box and what are being placed on a storage area.
c.       On the day that move out is completed an equally effective checklist is needed to ensure that all things that have been packed inside the box are getting out complete from the box, too. 
With a checklist at your hand, you can never go wrong in boxing in and out all your stuff during and after the move out.