Efficient Ways to Pack up your BathroomYour bathroom may not be the room in your house that is home to the most items, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the easiest to pack. Your bathroom is full of products that can cause damages and stains should they spill in the move. It’s also likely that your bathroom is home to many fragile items, such as porcelain soap dishes or mirrors. It’s easy to see why packing up your bathroom in a hurry can be a dangerous move to make! Take a look at these simple ways in which you can effectively and efficiently pack up your bathroom.1)    Start with the various bottles, tubes, tubs and jars that accumulate in your bathroom. Each item should be thoroughly dried before being placed in a reinforced cardboard box. Make sure all lids are securely fastened to avoid spillages. Old containers or old products may as well be binned so as to lower the risk of damages!2)    In the run-up to the big day, you should work on cutting down the on the number of bathroom products you have. Try to use the remains of any shampoos, conditioners and body washes so that you’ll have less to pack on moving day. If you have any unopened gift sets then try selling them, donating them to charity or giving them away to friends and family. You might want to keep hold of one or two to give to your new neighbours as gifts!3)    Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet roll and any other hygiene products you’re going to need should be packed separately from the rest of your bathroom boxes. Keep these items in an essentials box so that they’ll be easy to locate on your first night in your new home.4)    If you’re taking your bathroom mirror with you, then make sure you remove it carefully. It isn’t worth boxing it up as you’ll struggle to find a box of suitable size, and using an inappropriately-proportioned box is only likely to cause damages. Instead wrap your mirror in a few layers of bubble-wrap and securely fasten with packing tape. Write on the tape that the package is fragile, just to avoid any accidents! Mirrors can be laid down flat in your hired van or your car and should be carried separately from everything else.5)    Skincare and make-up products can be packed in a cardboard box. If you’re unsure about any products that you think are fragile or likely to burst, then try wrapping them securely in a sandwich bag. You can then pad this out with tissue paper, newspaper or bubble-wrap. Be aware that newspaper print can stain some items, so be wary of how and where you use it!6)    If you’re planning on taking your shower curtains with you when you move, it’s worth giving them a wash first. Simply spray them with a mixture of half bleach and half water before rinsing them. Then, once dry, just fold them up and pop them into a bathroom box.7)    As with all the boxes you pack, make sure you clearly label which room their contents is for. This will make unpacking a lot easier – especially if you’re looking for a specific product!