Finding a Second Hand HouseYou can get a good deal in second hand houses. There are many flat owners who are on their way to relocate, and would like to sell homes at a good rate.  A first hand home may cost a lot of money, which is why it is sensible for people with limited financial resources to look for a second hand home.    The interiors may not be spanking new and the walls may be peeling but all of these can be renovated later. What matters is you take note of the location of the house. Other than this, you should consider these options before going for a second hand home.   * Locate Good Options over the Net   The Internet is a great place for finding second hand home. Many people have found a good deal through this venue. The good news is that a lot of people put advertisements of the houses they want to sell in such housing portals.   * Hire Expert Services   Make sure that you hire the services of a lawyer when you buy the second hand home. He will see to it that the house you are purchasing is not an illegal one, and that all deeds, debt obligations and other legal commitments of the person who has sold the house to you, have been complied with.