Five Essential Moving Tips for Newly Weds
Now that the challenge of preparing for a wedding is over, a new challenge has come to take its place: moving in together. More often than not, once the honeymoon is over and reality sets in, moving to a new home can become as stressful for both husband and wife as the wedding itself. Don't let this get to you -coordinate, cooperate and communicate so you have as much fun moving in with your husband or wife as you did during your honeymoon.
* List down what you have. Before going on a shopping spree for new appliances and furniture, jot down what each of you has. Your mother might have an extra toaster or an unused griller that you can bring to your new home, whilst your wife or husband might have elegant rugs from past Christmases that you can use.
* Check your list and discard what you don't need. Chances are, you might have duplicate items on your inventory list. Plan a garage sale to get rid of these things or donate them to charity. You can also cross out any items you do not need, such as old posters or a single bed, and add these to your garage sale.
* Study floor plans of your new home. Even if you have a nice couch from your old apartment, it might be too small for your living room. Measure your furniture and check to see if they can still be used in your new home.
* Look for professional movers. Hiring a reliable, trust-worthy professional mover can greatly reduce your stress and can make moving to your new home easier and hassle-free. They can advice you on which items you should consider bringing, how to pack them and the proper timeline for your move. Hiring a professional mover can even prevent unnecessary fights and arguments.
* Assign tasks and delegate. You don't have to do everything together. Good teamwork is often about one person doing one thing he's good at, and the other person doing something else he's an expert on. Install appliances and check the lights and electrical items, if that's your expertise and let your partner focus on furniture and design.
Moving to a new home as newlyweds can either be a fun and exciting event or a stressful one. Don't let moving strain your relationship-the tips outlined above can help you keep that honeymoon spirit even after you've moved in to your new home.