FSBO Tips: Home Selling Preparations A potential buyer may be attracted to your 'For Sale by Owner' sign in your front yard. But will this attraction be enough to convince them to buy your house? The lasting impression lies in the overall condition of your house. So before you post your for-sale sign, make sure your home is in its best appearance possible for potential buyers. The first thing you should do is give your house a thorough cleaning. Clean every nook and corner, polish the surfaces, remove the stains and make replacements if necessary. If you want to leave a terrific impression on your potential buyers' minds, make your home appear terrific as well. When showing the inside of your house, keep the appearance as uncluttered and clean as possible. You must organize your items and remove all the clutter that makes the space of your house seem small. If you have too much clutter in your home, give them away to charities. If you can afford it, get a storage space. Now is the perfect time to change the color of your walls and make it look clean and warm at the same time. Dark colored walls make rooms look too restricted. So, give you wall a fresh coat of paint to instantly brighten your house and make it look spacious. Examine the odors in every room. If potential buyers sense a foul smell in your home they are more likely to remember this smell than the positive aspects of your home. Therefore, make sure every room smells clean and fresh. You may be accustomed to this smell so ask a friend to help you with this.