Full Service Moving Out Company:  Your Choice
During those times that you are seemingly at a lost when you are moving the only best way to do it potentially unproblematic is to hire a full service mover. 
In some cases, we would hire movers for a day or two. Of course, when we are moving out, we want best results and that means fast and cheap.
Some people think that they could save money if their friends, relative and the like would be hired per hour and per day of work instead of hiring a full service mover for one whole day.
If you would ask friends and relatives, you should consider their available time because not everyone will be there and give you their help. In some days, there might only be a handful of them. And in some other unfortunate days, no one would be available for you.  Not to mention that you need to consider bringing in food, drinks for them and allowing them to have a rest whenever they want.
Hiring professional movers on the other hand, will not ask of anything. They will move about packing things up, sealing boxes close, and bringing them on the truck. The workers would move about in an organized in doing their jobs -- nothing to consider and none to ask them of. When the task is done and everything has been moved, the only thing that you have to worry about is your bill. Quality service is costly but it's worth it.