Furniture Removal Tips For A Smoother TransitionMoving house is exciting but also a challenge. When emptying the complete contents of you home you want a reliable and trustworthy company to move them. You will probably have sentimental and valuable bits and pieces that you will want taking good care of. Also your furniture will need moving without any damage or scratches. Hiring a removal company is the best solution as they are the experts and are fully trained at dealing with this type of work. Here we provide some useful advice to make your move go easier. 1. Initial tasks prior to moving Make an inventory of what you want to move to your new address. Whether it is domestic or business contents, it is advisable you go through the things you want moving most. It is a good idea to have a clear out first so you aren’t moving damaged or broken items, or simply taking things that you just don’t use. Remember moving your contents costs so if you don’t need it get rid of it. You can sell unwanted belongings if in good condition using local papers, the internet and car boot sales. Alternatively, donate to charity, dump, recycle or give away.   2. Book you removal dateAs soon as you have a good idea of what you want shifting contact a removal company to arrange a moving date. Check online companies in your area or speak with people you know who may be able to suggest a company they have previously used and were pleased with. Call a few for some ideas on costs and availability. When you are happy with your choice book for a member of staff to call and give you a estimate on the load you want moving. You may have the opportunity to arrange other services at the time including the supply of packing supplies and the packing as well as temporary storage and house cleans. 3. Choose a service to suit your needsNowadays the removal industry is big business and they are there to assist in a number of ways to make your life easier. Moving is stressful so it is great that you can book all or just a part service. Often it does depend on finances but the option is there if you need it. You can have the entire move done for you at a cost. Or you can do most of the work yourself and hire a vehicle if money is tight. 4. Packing tips and advice for a safe journeyIf you choose to pack you own contents either purchase the materials from your moving services or buy them elsewhere. Just ensure you buy strong and sturdy cardboard boxes, strong tape, bubble wrap, plastic film etc. Make more space by dismantling large pieces of furniture. Use laundry boxes and bins for packing and fill wardrobes with light quilts for space saving ideas. Wrap breakables individual and make sure they are protected in the boxes. Tape the boxes and label with the contents and what room. Use plastic to protect large sofas, mattresses, tables and wardrobes. Box TV’s, DVD’s and computers for safety, and use airtight bags for bedding, curtains and clothes. 5. Last minute remindersIf you have a problem make sure you discuss it with your chosen removal company. Keep in touch of any changes and check for extra fees that may come about from this. Also look into insurance cover and protection, and if there are any delays. Moving is stressful so you want to organise everything as best as you can for the least disruptions.