Go Green When You Get Local ServicesMoving is an activity that involves a lot of works in order to be completed successfully. Undeniably though, this activity is also rewarding once completed. For one, this offers the mover with an opportunity to make a brand new start of almost everything especially in his lifestyle. So if you have just moved into your new dwelling place, you can start making a change by choosing to go for green when you acquire your utility services.   Take time to research if there are any green utility products that are offered in your state.  You can browse the website of the U.S. Department of Energy to check this out. If you moved in California, then you are lucky because this state has the three cities that are regarded as one of the greenest cities in the United States. But of course, other states also utilize green energy to help in regaining the good health of the Earth.   In addition to using renewable energy source, you should also search for other green services that are offered in your place. Examples of these are transfer station and recycling center. Ideally, you should also look for local service facilities to check out their procedures for recycling things.