Home Storage and an Inventory List
Perhaps, you are done packing and labelling your things that will be transported to your new home. But, here is the deal: you forget about making your inventory list-you are definitely in a huge trouble. Don't let this kind of mistake happen to you when it is your turn to do the move.
It is every mover's responsibility to account their properties and possessions. Even though your hire moving services, it is still better if you have your own list of all the things you possess. Accidents and mishaps happen, so you better be prepared to deal with them.
Prior to moving, you have to finish your inventory list. Recording or having everything documented is one effective way of getting your things organized and safe. It will help if you take photos of your things and write everything on the logbook before packing them in the boxes.
With photos, you will know the condition of the things you posses when you placed them in the box and you can prove that you actually own any of them. This kind of systematic approach should also be employed when hiring storage services. Your inventory list can support that insurance claim that will be given to you. It is good to anticipate things that could happen when you move. You have to learn now before you lose any of your properties.