How Teenagers Should Handle the Move Being a teenager is hard enough how much more if you have to endure a move, right? Don't try to make matters worse though. Instead, make the most out of the situation. Things may not be easy at first but it will be easier in time.   If you are feeling down because you will be leaving some friends soon, you can make each day count by having the best times with them in the remaining days. Even if you have to leave soon, you can still stay in touch with them. You could even invite them to take a vacation to your new place.   On the other hand, if you don't really have friends now going to a new place gives you an opportunity to have a different persona. You can reinvent yourself and even get a new wardrobe and really shine in your new school. Just keep a friendly face and don't be afraid to ask questions once you start school. Don't be so assuming but don't be so shy either.     By dealing with your own anxiety well, you will be helping your parents. They will be thankful for it and surely the entire move will go smoother for you and your entire family.