How to Buy the Foreclosed Property You WantThe most practical and most affordable way to find the property or house you want is to look at foreclosures. Foreclosed property allows you to scour through dozens of houses, buildings or apartments reclaimed by the bank. These are listed and advertised at very reasonable prices. Here are a couple of tips to help you buy the foreclosed property of your dreams.   * Check classified ads and newspapers for listings of foreclosed property. These are usually under the headings "Auction Sales," "Foreclosures" or "Sheriff's Sales."   * Ask real estate agents or even lawyers and bank personnel you might know. This is a practical way to discover foreclosed properties. Some friends might even know people who have foreclosed their homes. You can even get inside tips on the hottest properties and best bargains.   * Always inspect the property before signing deals. Although some auctions will not allow you to see the property physically, you should always go to houses or buildings that you are interested in. Bring an inspector or professional with you to help you check for flaws or problems.   * Always ask or inquire about the minimum bid for foreclosed properties.   * Check your finances or find out how much you can loan so you know how much you can bid for these properties.   Foreclosed properties are usually really great deals. There are some, though, that might not be worth your time and money. Always keep the above pointers in mind when looking at or buying foreclosed property.