How To Find The Best Removal CompanyFinding a removal company or looking to hire a man and van is easy but finding a good professional service is a whole new matter though! Most people can find removal services anywhere whether you look online, browse your local newspaper or spot and advert on TV but knowing more about that company afterwards is what your should endeavour to do before you book with them. Most removal companies will advertise that they can offer you the world but the truth is not all of them actually present the services they proclaim to provide. You need to be careful not to fall into the hands of a dodgy tradesman that are simply only out to do one thing, make money! Unfortunately there are many tradesmen out there who try to promise you the earth when in fact they probably know nothing at all about removals, or they employ cheap labour to workers and send them out with a van knowing full well that those movers have no clue how to load a van efficiently. These scenarios do happen and the person who usually suffers the consequences is the client. Mainly due to broken or damaged goods which has occurred during transit, or time wasted due to the fact the movers don’t really know what they are doing or where they are going! To avoid the horrors of above its worth taking some time to seek the reputation of a removal company, prior to booking with them! It may take a little longer to do this but it could end up saving you heaps of time and money in the long run!When looking for the best removal company, here are few things you can do! •    Take time to look at their websites, if they have one! Those who do have one are often the ones who don’t mind spending money on advertising, which is always a good sign. Look for the feedback section or try an internet search of the company to see if any others have left any promising feedback recommending this particular removal firm.•    Try asking around to seek what other people have used in the past and to try and find more about which companies are good and helpful.•    Lookout for companies which advertised rather a lot, meaning you find them in the local phone directory, internet and newspapers.•    Speak to company on the phone or better still pay them a visit. Are they helpful, friendly and willing to answer your questions and concerns? Because if you feel they are not that bothered, that is likely to be the service you will get!•    Compare quotes, you do not want to spend the earth on removals and nor do you have to as there are many affordable removal companies around.•    What services do they provide? Some companies only offer a man with a van, others offer a whole load of services such a packing, packers and storage, depending on what you require for this move hiring all of those services from the same company will help to reduce cost. If you only need a man with a van then that is fine whereas if your feel you need more you should go for a company who can provide those services, this will save time, money and stress in the long run!•     And finally, before you book ensure that you are crystal clear about the costs involved. Some companies may say a price and then later add extras, such as VAT which increases the price. Try to avoid this situation where you are unpleasantly surprised by hidden fees by asking them straight-up before hand.