How to Get Professional Moving Company After living in a house for several years, chances are you've accumulated lots of stuff. Moving with these items can be a lot easier if you hire professionals. Therefore, your biggest challenge is to find the perfect moving company for the job.
Deciding on a moving company may be a bit overwhelming. Following these tips can make the selection a lot simpler and easier.
Quotes by Phone
Normally, moving companies would request to visit your home to make accurate estimates. Instead of this, you can opt to get free quotes over the phone. You can tell a lot about the integrity and sincerity of the agent or the manager just by speaking to them. If they sound unwilling to give estimates over the phone, move to the next company on your list.
Binding and Non Binding Estimates
There is a huge difference between binding and non binding estimates. Non binding estimates are merely that - estimates. This means you are going to have to pay extra for any unforeseen charges. On the contrary, binding estimates are signed prior the move. It is the most economical way to move. The explanation is pretty simple; if you are not bound by your estimates, there are greater chances that you will pay more than what the initial estimate affirms.
Regulations and Insurance Policies
Moving companies have different regulations when it comes to packing. Some may not agree to move TV's unless they are properly packed. So, be sure to check on the moving company's basic rules to avoid delays. Secondly, check if the moving company has the appropriate insurance to cover for all your stuff. In case of loss or damages, you must file a claim within nine months of delivery.
Be sure to get a background of the type of services each company offers. Interview some clients or check out forums online to ensure that you are dealing with a professional and trustworthy moving company.