How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale If you can't really bring all your old items in your new home, why not organize a garage sale and make more money to pay for the moving expenses? Here are a few pointers to get you started.
Preparation and Advertizing
When organizing a sale, the first thing that you should accomplish is an inventory of all the items that needs to be discarded. Sort out the usable, valuable stuff from the undesirable stuff and make a final listing of the items that you can sell.
The next step is to advertize your garage sale. Flyers may be distributed among your neighbors. Or better, post signs at work, church or the local grocery.
Once you have informed everyone about your garage sale, you can now start preparing your items. Keep similar things together like toys, clothing, sports items and decorative accessories. Then separate the cheap items from the expensive ones. If possible, post signs for each group - toys, kitchen utensils, collectibles etc.
Running a Garage Sale
When running a garage sale, be sure that there is adequate parking space for customers. Prepare a cash container and give a receipt. For each sale, make sure that you tick the item in your inventory to monitor your sales. You can also offer a free cup of coffee or lemonade to attract more buyers