How to Involve Employees Whilst Office MovingOffice relocation is a cumbersome task. It involves moving people or employees in addition to office furniture. Office moving can be made easy by involving employees in the moving process.   Inform all employees about moving at least one month ahead and request them to come up with easy moving and packing ideas. This will be helpful to reduce the load on your part.   Employees' involvement in the moving process   Give instructions to all the employees on packing their office needs such as laptops, files, tables and chairs. Request them to label the boxes appropriately. Allow them to give specific details as to where it should be placed inside the new office location.   Upon arrival to your new destination, you must also allow your employees to get involved in the process. Request them to unpack their boxes at the new location. Give them instructions on what they should do in case an item is damaged or missing.   To carry out the business undisturbed at the new location, provide all the needed assistance. It is a good idea to open up a help desk to solve the problems that employees may encounter during the transfer. Provide contact numbers of persons they may call from the moving company. This will save you time to concentrate on setting up the office in the new place.   By practicing all the above tips, setting a new office can be done in no time with fewer complications or obstacles.