How to Make Smooth Transitions from One Apartment to the Next
Moving is time consuming and really tedious. That is why you need to be systematic and you need to be organized. Making a to-do list is usually most useful during these times. For one, you need to leave your old apartment and your old roommate clean. This means that you have to return borrowed items to your roommate. You should also pay utility bills and other outstanding payments. To collect your deposit in full you should make sure that the room is in good shape when you leave. That is why cleaning the room before leaving really helps. You should do this before the schedule of inspection. And you should take photos of the room as a proof too.
On the other hand, if you are moving in it's important that you confirm the day that you are coming so the room would be open and ready for you on the said date. If you plan to hire a mover make sure you have enough cash. Otherwise your things could be held for ransom until you have enough cash to pay the movers. Pick the keys from the landlord or roommate, of course. And when you get there, inspect the place and take photos of the real state the room is in for proof later on. For the meantime you can try stocking on easy to prepare food at least for the first few days until you are able to unpack and get settled.