How to Make Transportation Easier for Your Move
The key for an easier move is to make things simple. You should get rid of the things you no longer need first so you would have less to pack and less to transport. This would even make loading and unloading faster as well. If you are moving interstate, you should calculate the moving costs of furniture and appliances. Unless certain pieces hold much sentimental value, you could also opt to replace other items if you think it would be more expensive and more hassle to bring them.
For transportation, you can rent a moving vehicle a day before the move. This will give you time to load all of your things with most care and with less haste and stress. Then on the day of the move, you will also have as much time to unload your things with utmost care so you will not break or damage anything. But if you don't want to be rushed, you can rent an on demand storage unit instead. The storage unit will be delivered to your current address so you can load it at your own time. When you're done loading your things, you can have the company pick up the storage unit and deliver it to your new address so it's really a more convenient choice. But again, your choice would be a matter of personal preference.