How to Move Your Glass Safely with More EaseLike packing and moving other things, it's important that you plan the packing and transportation of your glass. So first, you should prepare all the packing materials you need in order to protect the glass. Surely, you would need sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and even linen to protect edges of the glass further. Then you should also make sure that the path of loading the glass is well planned. As much as possible, you should choose the path that has fewer turns and least obstacles. You should measure the height of the door. Then you should also prepare wood blocks so the movers can conveniently and safely lay down large and heavy glass along the way.   Of course, you must also make carrying easier and conveniently to ensure the safety of your glass. If the whole path is smooth and free of obstacles, the easiest way to carry glass is through the use of a dolly. When lifting glass you should also wear gloves that have rubber coated palms. It would also be easier if you have the vehicle parked nearest to the exit. The lesser you need to carry the glass the safer it would be. That's because there would be less danger of dropping or bumping it. So again, everything must be well-planned to minimize the chances of damage.