How to Pack Breakable Items
When moving to a new home, it is very important to pack fragile items carefully.  You will be sorry later if you neglect to pack your breakable belongings in the right way.  Here are some useful tips that could help. 
First, use the right packing materials when storing glasses, kitchenware, dishes and fragile collectibles.  You can use packing pellets and foams as cushions for the fragile items.  Old newspapers can also be very useful when packing plates, glasses, and figurines. Wrap each item carefully with the newspaper before storing them. 
For electronic devices like computers or gaming consoles, it would be best to use the original packaging box and materials.  You can also use slightly bigger boxes to pack your electronics.  Just make sure to protect the gadgets with foams, paper, and other materials that can absorb impact. 
It is also wise to back up your data especially if you are moving several desktop CPUs.  Save the data in optical media so you will not lose important data and files. 
Lastly, you have to protect mirrors, farmed painting, and other fragile works of art.  You must protect the mirrors with masking tape.  Make sure that each item is well protected by the appropriate packing materials like bubble wrap and thin Styrofoam.