How to Pack Picture Frames and Paintings Packing delicate items for a move can prove to be a very risky affair. Careful handling is needed to ensure that all your items arrive in one piece. When packing delicate items such as picture frames, mirrors and paintings you will have to prepare the following:
·        Tape
·        Blank white paper or bubble wrap
·        Mirror boxes
·        Marker
1.     When selecting a box for the painting or picture, pick the ones that are one size bigger than the item.
2.     Keep the box flat or break it apart if it is not yet assembled.
3.     Wrap the frame or the painting with a large piece of bubble wrap or packing paper.
4.     Slide the item inside the box and secure it with a packing tape.
5.     Label the box with ‘fragile' and its location; for instance, fragile-Living Room.
6.     When loading the box on the truck, make sure it is lying sideways. Pictures and paintings are more vulnerable in their flat state.
Things to Remember:
For extra support and protection, you may purchase some special cardboard protectors when packing delicate items. Wardrobe box may also be more appropriate for stack series of picture frames. On the moving truck, be sure to pack pictures on the edges to keep them from falling over. You can block them with heavier boxes to stop them from shifting during the transit.