How to Plan for Business Relocation Before you plan for business relocation, find a good reason for relocating. Some of the common reasons for business relocation are business expansion, change in socioeconomic conditions and change of business needs. Following are some of the issues to be addressed whilst planning for business relocation.
Do a thorough study of the new location
Before relocating, it is essential to do a thorough study of the new location. Study the growth prospects for the business, competitors in the area, local laws pertaining to setting up a business, type of customers and cost of maintenance. 
Have alternate plans to carry out the business
Relocation process should not cause any disturbance to the business or customers. Hence, think of an alternative plan to carry out the business at the time of relocation.
Get all the services installed
To prevent any inconvenience to the customers as well as the staff, it is essential to get all the essential services such as telephone and internet installed as soon as you move to the new location.
Make a rough estimate of relocation costs
Business relocation is a very costly affair. Hence, to avoid budget overages, make a rough estimate of relocation costs. Some of the costs that will be incurred are training the staff to fit the new business needs, purchase of equipment such as PC's, desks as part of business expansion, marketing costs and hiring movers for relocation.
Lastly, take appropriate measures to avoid any inconvenience either to the staff or costumers. Provide a means for the customers to convey their feedback about the change in business style and suggestions for further business growth.