Ideas on Safely Packing Your Make-up for a MoveFor all the ladies out there, the very thought of having to move their highly valued make-up is unbearable because it's something that can break easily. If you are one of them and you're are about to move out together with your make-up near at hand, reading this can give you initial ideas of how to handle all the ifs and buts in a similar situation. Just don't let the shock of keeping safe this collection of yours linger over you.

Some essentials you'll need for this purpose are plastic bags (zip-lock baggies are preferable), bubble wrap, tissue paper and cardboard boxes. Also, maybe some towels for better security, since they can provide additional protection for your make-up collection. All this together can prevent you from worrying about it through the whole process of moving.

1. You can start by separating the make-up that you use on a daily basis. This step is really important because once you've put the other make-up away, it will be unpleasant, to put it mildly, to have to dig through everything already packed to find that one item you're looking for. Simple logic is sometimes enough.

2. Then, continue with dividing your items into two groups - those in plastic containers and ones in glass containers. Put the liquids that are in plastic containers aside as well. This should be done in order to be able to wrap everything that's fragile or liquid individually. This will be explained in detail in the next steps.

3. Glass is quite brittle and it would be a pity to spill the contents in such a container and make a huge mess. Moreover, the product would be wasted. So, glass containers should be packed individually, each one in bubble wrap. Then you might put them in a zip-lock bag, but don't forget to label it, writing down everything that's in there. This could be of help while unpacking. Finally you place everything in a box of the appropriate size, of course. For additional security you might lay a towel or scrunched tissue paper in the box beforehand. And again, label the box.

4. The plastic containers can go in zip-lock bags, coordinated by what they are, that is, blushes, bronzers, mascaras, eye shadows, etc. If among them there's something extremely valuable to you, and you want to prevent it from scratching or breaking, feel free to pack it individually with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Then place this in labeled boxes using the same techniques as in the previous tip.

5. The plastic containers filled with liquid should also be packed in bubble wrap. By this point you've probably got the picture. As far as packing is concerned, bubble wrap is a life-saver.

6. What about the make-up brushes? Wash them in advance and leave them to dry. It's not recommended to pack them dirty or wet, since that's a great environment for germs to spread. Use brush guards, so that the bristles stay in place. Then you can either put them in a zip-lock baggie or in their original case, if you have one. If you choose the second option, make sure to protect them from dust while moving.

In conclusion, you can always add some tissue paper here and there to fill in the empty spaces in the cardboard boxes.
The main directions were laid down, but you have the freedom to think of new ones. This isn't a strict rule that you have to follow by any means. Whatever suits you best is the right decision. Ideas conceive other ideas, so get packing!