International Removals - Lightening The LoadAn international move is one of the most mentally and emotionally taxing things that you’re likely to find yourself doing at any point in your life. The decision to move overseas is often a deeply considered one, which comes with a huge weight attached to it. We go to new lands either in search of a better set of prospects in one area of our life or another, or else we go in order to fulfil a deep yearning, a dream, a vision within us. It’s one of those things which has the potential to be either a grand adventure, or a living nightmare, and what draws the difference between the two extremes is often enough simply the way in which we approach our move, how well we prepare, plan, and settle ourselves in upon our arrival. But ultimately, an overseas move is something which begins long before we actually make it overseas. It’s a thing which needs to be thought out and planned in full, vivid detail while we’re still comfortably settled in our original homes and countries.There are many different steps that need to be taken before we can actually board the flight which will take us away to our new home. Some of those are admin tasks and paperwork which will be specific to every individual mover and their own set of circumstances.Some of the points are universal, though. Here are a few of the top ones to keep in mind:Get Rid of What You CanA move to a foreign land is certainly not the right time to throw out all of your family heirlooms, childhood tokens, and emotionally valuable belongings. You’ll need those to keep you feeling grounded and centred once you arrive at your new location.For just about everything else, though, you should consider it open season and do your best to get rid of everything which isn’t directly essential, functionally useful, or emotionally important. The more that you have to transport, the more you can expect to spend and the more you’ll have to pack, oversee, do an inventory of, and build up a neurosis over.The great thing about moving overseas is that it provides an opportunity to remove the waste and excess from your life, and leave only what’s truly important behind.When all is said and done, doing this bit of “spring cleaning” will make your life easier both by simplifying the move, and by allowing you to reduce clutter in your new home from the outset – which is a great blessing.Make a Plan With Your Loved OnesAlmost every international move involves leaving some people behind who we’d much rather have coming along with us on the trip. Family members, friends, even just good acquaintances, can all fall into that category.Before leaving for foreign shores, it’s important to speak to those who you’ll be leaving behind and to try and come to some rough kind of plan or agreement about visiting and staying in touch. Of course, a lot of this can be handled once you’re already overseas, but it’s much better to get the ball rolling before making the jump.Try and come to some basic understanding and agreement about which times of year you (or they) will visit. Agree to set up Skype profiles, get connected on social media if you aren’t already, and just try to close the gap which distance will create, in general.Once you’re already overseas, things will be harder to orchestrate and set up if you haven’t already touched on these topics before leaving home. Your family will never stop being your family, and your close friends will likely still be your friends, even if you aren’t in regular contact. Nonetheless, though, if you fall out of the loop and lose contact for extended periods of time, not only will you feel disoriented and lonely while settling in to your new land, but you’ll also start to find that you lose track of happenings in each other’s lives and that casual conversation becomes more difficult.