Is Theft Possible During the Move?
Your things are all packed up and ready for loading and delivery. Now you worry about possible theft during the move. You will be with the mover so you are sure your things will be safe. But will your items be safe still when you stop over to eat or rest and leave the moving truck or van? Will there be chances for theft at that moment?
There are chances and they might no chance at all.
Before you worry, think first whether your items are worth the thieves' effort. Large items will be difficult to steal considering their size. Besides, these are hard to sell and will only give them very little profit if they sell these as thrift or second hand items.
Smaller items like CDs and books can be easier to steal. But do these have resale value? They might have but only very little resale value. The thieves will not even exert an effort to swap these items or sell these on eBay.
But there are items that can be valuable enough for theft. For instance, an expensive painting is not big enough for a difficult stealing. A box of jewelries is also very small for easy stealing.
Since there is a possibility of theft, the best thing you can do is to protect your items. Don't leave your items out of sight and never lure thieves to steal your items. Don't let them see that you have expensive items. Keep these away from their eyes and that stops the idea of stealing your item.