Items to Protect Your Home While Moving Hopefully you've done the basic research to protect your belongings while you're moving them, but what about protection for your walls, doors, floors, etc.? There are items available online or at box supply and hardware stores to help prevent damages to your home on moving day.
There is a product called Carpet Shield that you can use to protect your carpet on the day you move. Most people use it in the new home they're relocating to. It prevents dirt and stains from getting on the carpet due to walking along the same path all day. It is a clear self-adhesive film that is sold by the foot and in different widths. The Carpet Shield also has a roller with an expandable applicator that is sold separately if you don't want to have to bend over to apply it to the floor. It has a non-slip surface and is resistant to ripping and tearing. Another nice feature is that it won't leave a sticky residue when you pull it up. When applying, you will definitely need it leading from the front door into the interior of the house and in any other halls that might have heavy traffic. Having Carpet Shield beats having to lay down a blanket because a blanket will move throughout the day and gets folds in it that you could end up tripping over. This product is also great if it happens to be raining on the day you're moving. Without it you'll definitely be tracking in mud all over your new house.
You might also want to purchase a door jam. It's something you'll need to use on the front door to keep it open while you're bringing items in and out of the house. It prevents having to set items down to open the door and is great if you have a door with a tendency to swing closed on it's own. It's also a plus to have on hand if it's windy on moving day and the wind keeps trying to close your door.
If you have large furniture that needs to be moved across hard surface floors there is a product called EZ Moves Furniture Slides. It is used on the corners of the furniture to prevent easy movement of the piece and protection to floor at the same time. Each slide has a hard foam top that conforms to the corner of the item being moved and that helps to keep the slide in place while you're moving it. The bottom is made of felt to protect the floor and to provide easy movement of the furniture across the floor. It's also convenient to have on hand for future use when you want to move a large item to clean behind it. The slide can be used on wood, ceramic tile, linoleum or finished concrete.
There is an item you can buy to protect your doors while you're moving stuff in and out of your home. It is called a door jam protector pad and is sold individually or you can buy them in packs. They're also great for use on stairway banisters and hall entryways. The pads have springs to hold them in place on either side of the door you want to protect. This means you can protect either the edge of the door that swings out or apply it to the edge of the door near the hinges to protect the door and the frame at the same time. Not only will the pads prevent damage to your door, but they'll protect the item you're moving also.
Now that your home is protected you can remove one less stress from moving day: worrying about damages.