Learn More about Tenant Loan It is certainly a dilemma you are facing if you want to avail a loan yet you don't have a house to pledge before the bank or the lender. But now that you will learn more about tenant loan, consider your problem solved, or at least partly solved. You can now fulfil your dream of owning a place without having your collateral.   Tenant loans are lifesaver especially to people who want to acquire their first home. They have been renting a place to live in for years and they sure deserve the opportunity to have a place they can call their home.   Tenants will be asked to submit and fulfil certain requirements to avail the loan. Plus, you can also apply for a tenant loan if you are planning to buy your car or to finance your education. Take advantage of this opportunity which is entirely a secure loan that will draw you closer to the property you wish to acquire. To give you an idea, tenant loans have shorter period of repayment. However, this wouldn't stop people from availing them because it is an option that answers their current financial dilemmas and the likes.