Lessons about Landlords in Ealing1. PLEASING YOUR LANDLORDBeing in good relations with your landlord is vital and essential for the pleasant life in the house you have rented from that landlord. Above all else, you need to abide the rules and be punctual with your obligations towards the rented property, towards the agency and towards him. In addition you can follow the following tips and rules provided in the article and if you do you will have greater success and fewer problems if any with your landlord during your tenancy in Ealing and other areas alike. 2. USEFUL TIPS ON LANDLORDSAll landlords have particular tastes and preferences but in general all of them like it when they are informed in advance about everything that is about to take place in or outside the house or about something which is connected with the official relations between you and them. So, if for instance you are planning to leave the property for a slightly larger period-a week or two for instance or if you are planning to hold a party at your place make sure that you notify the landlord as early as possible and that means at least a month before the certain event takes place. It may seem like a lot of time but this is how things generally work in North America and everywhere in Europe.  Most tenancy contracts also include this rule but it is not strictly obligatory. However, make sure that you have informed your landlord of your intentions long before you do something which would be out of the limits of what you agreed. This is applicable especially when it comes down to late payments of the rent. They may come a time when you won’t be able to pay your rent on time and the last thing you would like to do in that moment is to surprise unpleasantly your landlord on the due date. Make sure you warn him two weeks before the due date at the very least. It won’t be good news but at least you will prepare him or her and believe or not they will certainly appreciate it and they might even refuse to tax you for your good and honest impression and behavior.  Remember that you need to treat your landlord like a friend all the time-be honest, frank and make sure you care for him or her even if you don’t get the same positive attitude back at you. Sooner or later your behavior will be appreciated. Even if it is not there is nothing you can do because your living place depends on his decisions so you need to be constantly cautious and attentive to the landlord’s desires. So inform your landlord about everything. If you want to leave for some time, tell your landlord at the very moment that decision becomes certain and the same goes for every other choice that reflects on your contract and the property you rented. 3. ALLOWING YOURSELF COMFORTSYou need to remember that even though you have paid for the certain property nothing everything can be allowed in it. According to some contracts, and people who rent properties not always read the contracts in full, it says that parties, loud music after a certain late hour shouldn’t happen at all and you need to abide to that if you want to be on good terms with your landlord. Some landlords might be too protective of their property and they might even not accept money from your security deposit if you have damaged something so always be careful. Of course that doesn’t mean you should have parties. Just make sure the landlord is okay with it.