List of Moving Supplies That You Need When You Start Packing
Planning is the key to a successful move. Part of planning for your move day is to make sure you have all the moving supplies that you need once you started packing for your move day.
Here are the most important moving supplies that you need if you need to have an efficient packing and moving process:
You will not have any problem if you will leave everything to your moving company. However, if you will pack your own things, you need to make sure that you have the right boxes for your belongings once you pack.
Before buying special boxes to use when you pack, try to check your furniture and belongings that you will need to put in the boxes. If possible, measure all the furniture that you will need to box and list them all the sizes down.
Small boxes are ideal for books. Never put all your books in one big box. No one will be able to carry it. It will even cause you more if the moving company will be weighing the box. Most moving company usually weigh your box and charge you accordingly.
Bubble wraps, Packing wrappers, and old newspapers
Bubble wraps, packing wrappers, and old newspapers are used for wrapping fragile items before putting them inside a box. Items like figurines, Dinnerware sets, and other glass and fragile items should be wrapped using these items. Therefore, make sure you have enough bubble wraps, packing wrappers, and old newspapers when you start packing.
Packing tapes, scissors, and markers should also be available. Preparing all these items will help you in becoming more efficient when you start packing. You do not want to stop packing because you ran out of packing tape, and you need to go to office supply markets every now and then. It will lose your momentum in packing and will make you feel more tired.