Why Moving out of Your Parent's House Will Cost You Money  The joys of living apart from your parents are the reason why you cant wait but to find your own apartment. But do you think you are financially ready for this responsibility? Moving out of your parent's house will require you to be more financially responsible because you aren't, then you are in the way for making a very bad credit history. Just to give you an idea, the total cost that you will pay when you decide to go solo will be composed of your monthly rental fee, your water and electricity bills, your phone bill, cable TV bill, internet bill, your car insurance, your food and other miscellaneous expenses like car and appliances repairs.
Experts estimated that in the year 2009, the average amount that you need to pay if you decide to have your own apartment is between $1500 to $2000. You have to decide if you can afford this before you look for your apartment. You also have to determine if your current job will be enough for you to earn this kind of amount. If you are not sure, then maybe you need to stay for a few more years with your parents until you become more financially stable. Remember that when you are home with your parents, you will feel loved and nurtured no matter how outrageous you maybe. Also, there is no other place than your parent's home where you are welcome to stay for free as long as you want.