Making Money from Unwanted Items OnlineWhen you move home you will find that you will have many items you no longer need or want. Years of buying things mean you will have accumulated a small fortunes worth of now useless items. You will likely have spent thousands on moving home so being able to make money from your junk can be useful way of making a little money to help fund the move. Remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. These following tips and suggestions will help you when you sell your unwanted junk.Auction sitesThere are numerous online auction sites that you can sell your items. You will find these sites allow you to buy and sell almost anything. You’ll be surprised by the large variety of things you can acquire on these sites. No matter how bizarre you may think an item is, there is likely to be a market for it on online auction sites. These sites are where collectors will go to find obscure items. You will have the option to sell as an auction, allowing people to bid on items, or set a “Buy it now” price where people can purchase immediately without bidding. You may make more if your item because subject of a bidding war, but you may sell it quicker if it is available immediately. When listing items on online auction sites be sure to do your research. You don’t want to list your items for more than they are worth because buyers are less likely to purchase your unwanted goods. On the other hand be sure not to undercut other sellers that are selling similar items by too much. If you are desperate to sell something quickly undercutting your competitors is a good way to do this, however if your items are significantly cheaper you may find that this deters potential buyers as they will be suspicious of your low listing price. Other things you will need to check are the costs to you. Online auctions sites do not allow you to sell your items free of charge, most of the time. There may be occasional promotional weekends or weeks where there are no listing prices. But by and large a percentage of your profits will go the auction site to cover their costs. These prices are usually insertion and listing fees and can vary depending on the website as well as the amount you sell something for, for example the auction may take 5% of profits for things sold under £100, but 10% of things that sell for over £100. You will also need to consider the cost of postage in your listings. Most online auction sites allow you to set your postage and packaging cost separate from the listing price so make sure you are setting this to a price that will cover your costs. Courier’s websites will give you a breakdown of prices for items with different weights and the postage cost will vary depending on weight. Make sure you know how much it is going to cost to ship an item before listing an item as you do not want to use the profits to cover shipping because you miscalculated. Social MediaSocial media can be a great tool when off loading unwanted items. If you do not feel comfortable selling to strangers on auction sites you can advertise your items on your social media profiles and allow your friends and family the opportunity to buy your things.