Maximising Storage In Small PlacesIn a small space you will inevitably find that storage is almost always at a premium. Before you realise, it’s been cluttered with an extra duvet, unworn clothes and household trinkets you thought you might need one day. But the truth of the matter is that the more you manage to fit behind closed doors, the more space you get to use in the room. For example, your kitchen cupboards. It’s not unusual for a bedroom wardrobe to be a multipurpose unit, holding clothes, shoes, bags, blankets and linens. So think about transferring that thought process to your kitchen. It’s entirely feasible that you could store boxes of items on unused shelves. As long as you bear hygiene in mind, there’s no reason why kitchen shelves should be any different to bedroom shelves.  In the same way that it's a good idea to rethink your floor plan, you can rethink your storage. Think shelving. If you have an enclosed space that can accommodate shelves, put them in! Then boxes and baskets can be used to store items you don't use every day but still want to keep. And once you have your shelves then consider whether it’s useful to have some under-shelf storage options available. Another brilliant tip is to use suitcases or drawers under the bed for seasonal items. That way, they are safe but stored, and they are out of the way for everyday items. It can even help at holiday time if your bikinis/t-shirts/ski equipment are already neatly stowed in your suitcase. Don’t forget to give your storage places a good going-through every few months. It’s all very well having the space to stack boxes, but it becomes useless space if the boxes are full of things that you no longer want or require. Regular clear outs will help to keep your home decluttered and make even the smallest of spaces feel open and fully useable. Hoarding belongings can be a human instinct – but it is one that should be checked. Too often bedrooms can be filled with clutter that serves no purpose but taking up space. For rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen and maybe offices, don’t let rows of things build up on shelves. For example, rarely used medication, travel size shampoos and shower gels, pens, rulers, bangles, hair bands, moisturising creams….. Instead, sort them into baskets, like with like, and that way not only is your living space clearer, you will also be able to see at a glance what you have. Another very simple tip is just to have the determination to make some firm decisions – and stick to them. That chair that you’ve always meant to re-cover – is actually going to happen? Do you genuinely want to hang onto your grandmother’s old clock for anything other than sentimental reasons? Motivate yourself by thinking what else you can store in the newly available space. And finally, a bonus tip that is incredibly useful is to install a pin board on the inside of a cabinet or cupboard door so that you can hang onto greetings cards, to do lists, inspirational articles from magazines, or indeed anything that catches your eye - without it cluttering up your space.