Moving Day MadnessSomeone once said: "The weak seek order and the strong rule over chaos." Nice quote. And so very applicable for surviving moving day

Yes, moving day madness does exist. You and your family members, the actual cause for the moving, are overexcited and nervous. The friends and family of team "volunteered to help" are not so excited but not a little bit curious to do something out of their every-day routine. The employees of the moving company are anxious to get the job done. Time is ticking... It's overwhelming, it's all around, it's moving day madness! Here are 10 tips on how to overcome it.

1. Stay calm
No matter what happens or doesn't happen, just stay calm. Don't rush, and always, always think before you act. Last minute rushing is often in vain. However, some last minute decisions turn out to be brilliant. And one more things - if it occurs to you that you have missed something important, and it's too late to do it on moving day - leave it!

2. Plan, plan, plan
The more you have planned in advance, the better. Laying out a moving plan is a must. But don't overdo it - it's a plan, not strategy for a big military campaign! How to differentiate them both - well, if it fits on a two sheets of paper, it's a plan, if it's longer - it's definitely a strategy!

3. Stay positive
I know from experience, that's the simplest advice to give and the most difficult to follow. But it can be done! Just don't forget to breathe and to keep your voice down. No one and nothing should be able to bring you out of control!

4. Don't lose the overview
The annoying little details should not make you forget to look at the overall picture. There are tunes of details when moving. Don't waste time weeping over one or more of the details, and just go on.

5. Stay motivated
Don't loosen and don't get discouraged in the middle of moving day! If you suddenly feel your spirit is dropping, call a 10-minutes break for everybody, and use it to drink some coffee with loads of sugar, or a soft drink, or eat some chocolate. It's scientifically proven, sugar makes people happier on the instant. A few casual jokes could spread the motivation trough the people around.

6. Pay attention to detail
A moving day checklist is very useful to obtain that. Make sure small details are in order - proper labels, enough packing tape and bubble wrapping and especially put some thinking in what goes in and out first and last.

7. Remember you work with people
If professional movers or friends and neighbours who volunteered to help, all those people are there to help. So help them help you! Don't yell at them and offer breaks and refreshments several times during moving day.

8. Check the time regularly
Don't freak out if you are 15 minutes behind schedule, but don't rush everybody to stick to it by the second. However, time is important, given the fact you usually pay the movers on an hourly base.

9. Don't lose control
Not with people, not over the process. You absolutely have to manage to relocate everything safe, and not forget, mislocate, damage or forget anything.

10. Time to say thanks
At the end of moving day serve some refreshments for everyone. Relies the movers - don't forget to tip them! Gratitude is not included in the price. Then order for all the rest, yourself included, pizza or Chinese, and buy some beer or wine. Now you can have a nice improvised dinner with "team volunteered to help", because you survived moving day together! Don't forget to say thanks to everybody in person. Even if they weren't so much of a help!

And, I almost forgot - I remembered who said the quote about ruling over chaos. It's Darth Vader! You never have guessed, have you?